Thursday, September 12, 2019

a note

From Matthew:
As the world turns, there is a growing urgency to acknowledge the social obligation shared by all beings—a necessary and radical shift towards living in accordance with the simplicity of spiritual life. This must become the forefront of day-to-day life and the means by which the world is viewed.  
Spiritual practice is commonly secondary to desire. It is a hobby—something done on the side. It becomes an identity—something that can be commercialized. It is a thing that is done occasionally while the world entices and distracts. Spiritual life beckons each being as it is innate and inherent nature. It is deeply understood within the soul. It is simplicity at its most basic form. It is everything. 
The common role of spiritual practice is a crowded back seat as the vehicle of self races down the highway of distraction and worldly desire. For many, brief devotional practices take up an hour or two each week as merely an item on a list of many things to be done. A majority of time is spent trapped in the web of cultural norms and practices. Break free from this cycle and reset the balance point. Develop a schedule of prayer and cultivate a meditative life. Leave the vehicle of self behind and allow the Creator to walk us down the spiritual path. 
This path takes many forms for many people—where the scenery may be different, the narrowness remains universal. This becomes more and more narrow; no longer can burdens, both physical and otherwise, be carried. The Lord waits there to take them. Give them up to the Lord and continue moving forward. It is imperative to refocus the purpose of life towards God. In doing so, the opportunity to refine and diminish the self may then take precedence, and thus, each individual can selflessly perform a role within the world. This is the way to a communal peace, a world peace. It begins with the desire for individual change; however, this change is urgent. Leave the road of worldly desires, with its billboards and traffic, its smog and noise. Leave the car of self, driven by desire, which navigates towards disaster and unhappiness. Allow God to guide and direct. Let go of burdens, fears and doubts. Live for others. Live by example, but not for example’s sake. Live for love. Live for peace. This is the meaning of our lives: to be honest, loving and sincere in every and every moment of every day. Allow each circumstance in life to act in accordance with this. Allow each moment to provide an opportunity to strengthen these qualities within. Allow each moment to help remove the burden of desire, anger, jealously and fear. 
Meditate and develop a prayerful life. Acknowledge and give thanks for all of the blessings. Fill the heart and soul with gratitude. Be honest, loving and sincere. Refocus life on God. Live for love. Live for peace. 

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