Saturday, December 7, 2019


December 13
Gratitude dwells in a heart that is humble and loving. It expands the daily focal point beyond the realm of the self. Allowing gratitude to dwell within, alters how the world is perceived. This is the beginning stages of pure love.
Moving beyond gratitude, is forgiveness. It is in forgiving that love may grow within, and it is in forgiving that we may experience forgiveness. Both gratitude and forgiveness imply the need for a truly humble heart.
This talk will discuss the importance of gratitude. In doing so, the levels of forgiveness will be discussed along with the underlying foundation of humility, on which both gratitude and forgiveness must be built.

Author, illustrator and modern-monastic Matthew Reid is currently working on his third and fourth publications. As a spiritual speaker, Matthew has traveled the United States, he speaks a universal message of prayer and the importance of a meditative life. Matthew’s example works to slow down daily pace, while re-introducing the concept of love in moment to moment processes; where failure is equally important to success, and joy can be made from both.

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