Wednesday, May 10, 2017

invitation to Mihn

"Follow Minh, a young girl who appreciates the rhythms of nature that surround her. Her story reminds us of the sacred connection that links us all to the natural world. As we watch the plants grow, we grow. The sun rises and sets, we wake each day and return to sleep every night. As Minh admires the changes in nature around her, she cultivates beauty and peace within her. Beautifully illustrated by New York-based illustrator Matthew Reid, this simple story has something to teach us all."
-Isa Romero

Mihn, a picture book written and illustrated by Matthew Reid, will be made available for purchase on Thursday, May 25, at Extra Butter's lower east side location (available for purchase online after the opening). To make this first release memorable, the Extra Butter family will host a gallery opening, displaying the artwork, sketches, doodles, and notes from the process of the book's creation. All are invited to come join Matthew, Jason, and the Extra Butter family for the release of Mihn!
Artist will be present.
Cross-country tour to follow.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Extra Butter
125 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002


"Sometimes it's difficult to extract meaning from something so minimal; however, the simplicity of the message and the rich, detailed artwork combine effortlessly to express the wonder in the ordinary.  Mihn captures the overall beauty in creation, which is often hard to put into words." 
-Holly Nikodem, The Queens Bookshop Initiative 

"This [Mihn] is beautiful. It shows the simplicity of life that I hope to achieve every morning I wake. For real."
-Brian Lane, Brand New

"Matthew is a precious gem of a person. It is fitting therefore that he author children's books, as childhood is perhaps the most precious stage of a human life.  He seems to have more than an average connection with his own "inner child" as they say. Meeting him, his sweet voice and gentle demeanor immediately puts one at ease.  You can tell he has a sincere desire to enrich the lives of children and I do feel his efforts in this area will pay off with great results in the years to come."
- Corey Dowds, Eye of the Veda

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