Saturday, June 25, 2016

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)

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From Matthew:
The words above are from Surah 75:40, although they are similarly expressed in the New Testament as well. It is not so much as where they are from, as it is what they mean to us as people. G-d calls us all into life with Him, regardless of who you are, or what you have done; accepting that life is part of our purpose in this life. Allah gives sight to those who cannot see, hearing to those who are deaf, and life to those who are dead. More often than not, we caught in our day to day lives without the slightest acknowledgment of the Creator; it is this blindness, this deafness, this death which is spoken of.
Every single breath is a miracle. The human body is full of incredible processes that are so infinitely small that they are still beyond the grasp of our sciences. The ability to read abstract thoughts on a computer screen, process them, and react to them is nothing short of incredible. G-d is easily found within the most 'simple' of things: human physical processes, flowers, clouds. No matter what may happen in the course of a day, know that to live every second is a blessing, and that those seconds lead to every other second. Judge not the moments, but appreciate the experience. Everything is. [a lesson and an opportunity to grow in life with the Creator of us all]. Look for the miracles in everything in this life, even if you do not understand why they are happening.
This is a vastly incomplete thought, but for the sake of an internet post, it is best to leave it as is.

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